🔹Getting gas tokens

The bridge method unfortunately doesn’t cover MOVR tokens, which means that you need to acquire them in some other way to pay for gas fees on Moonriver. One option is going back to the first method of using a centralized exchange to get some MOVR.

The other method is using a gasless swap mechanism. This allows you to swap a small portion of your assets to MOVR, while other people called relayers take care of the gas fees for this one transaction.

Until Zircon builds its own bridge interface, you can use Solarbeam’s gasless swap feature. First, bridge some tokens to Moonriver like USDC or ETH. Then, go to Bridge for Gas to access the feature.

You can swap something like $10 to have enough gas for at least a few hundred transactions.

Once the transaction clears, you’re ready to use Zircon.

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