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Welcome to the Zircon Finance knowledge base where you'll learn everything you need to know about the Zircon Protocol and how its components work.

About Zircon

Zircon is a DEX platform based on AMM liquidity pools. Unlike other DEXs, on Zircon users can choose to stake only one asset of each pair, instead of being forced to supply both sides.
We call this the Zircon Pylon: a portfolio management protocol for AMM pools.
With Pylon, liquidity providers on Zircon can collect AMM swap fees with only one asset, which can be either a volatile coin or a stablecoin.
Pylon works best with trading pairs based on stablecoins, but it accepts any combination of assets. It uses a completely different mechanism from any other project that offers single-sided liquidity, or impermanent loss protection.
The Zircon Pylon system uses market-based incentives to strongly mitigate impermanent loss for liquidity providers. While it doesn’t guarantee full coverage to avoid taking on infinite liability, the Pylon mechanism can reduce impermanent loss by 75%-100%.
For traders, Zircon offers a 0.15% swap fee and easy liquidity support for USD-quoted pairs, which saves on an extra swap to ETH (or other network tokens).
Zircon is based in the Moonbeam/Moonriver ecosystem, with plans to expand to other chains in the future.