Zircon Docs

Supplying Float

Let’s now try to supply MOVR to our MOVR/USDC pool.
Like before, you can see liquidity and farming APR. Here instead of the Health Factor, we have a Divergence indicator. This indicator can be "Low" (all normal), "Negative" (good chance for some extra yield) and "High" (not a great idea to join).
Divergence is a measure of impermanent loss in the Float vault. For example if you join a High Divergence vault, your position gets diluted, so you won’t be making as much on a price increase. While joining a Negative Divergence pool can be very rewarding, because the system amplifies your gains if the price goes up. (More on this in Degen Stuff)
To join as Float, the same rules and fees apply as for Stable. You’ll usually pay a small fee, between 0.05% and 0.3% to join the pool.