Zircon Docs

ZRG Token

There will be more than one token launched by Zircon. Zircon Gamma (ZRG) is the canary network, which will have a somewhat different path than the main network. We also previously mentioned the ZRN token which will have more complex features and utility. But that’s for the future.
Read on to learn the difference.
The Zircon Gamma token (for the Moonriver deployment) is designed to be fairly launched to the community.
The Zircon team reserves a 5% share strictly intended for funding operations, while the remaining 95% is given to the community or kept aside as the reserve for the Zircon Gamma DAO.
ZRG is the governance token for the Zircon Gamma DAO.
The DAO will then be able to decide how best to deploy its funds and reserves, and whether it should return some of them to token holders.