Zircon Docs

What is Zircon Pylon

Here you will learn what’s special about Zircon and its Pylon mechanism.
Zircon Pylon splits regular liquidity pools into their two sides, which we call Float and Stable. The Stable side is designed to be used with stablecoins and very liquid tokens like ETH. The Float side is for everything else.
Pylon works by matching the separate deposits of Float and Stable liquidity providers, and then joining them together inside the same AMM liquidity pool. The Pylon smart contracts then keep track of how much each side owns in the combined liquidity pool.
With Pylon, if you have some MOVR, ETH or other coins in your portfolio, you can provide liquidity on Zircon without having to also supply the other half of the pool. You maintain your existing portfolio, earn fees and vastly reduce your impermanent loss. This also applies to stablecoins, making Zircon the first exchange where you can use them to earn fees from real trading activity.
For a deeper dive on the system, check How Zircon Works.​