Zircon Docs

Warnings & Risks

Zircon smart contracts, while audited by Chaintroopers and tested for exploits, might still be hacked or exploited through price manipulation.
Zircon Pylon was not thoroughly tested with ERC-777 tokens, and does not account for “fee on transfer” tokens (which burn a percentage of supply with each transaction).
It will most likely not work as intended with these types of tokens.
Stable vaults are still partially exposed to the other token in the pair. In extremely heavy downturns, they might get reduced in value through a slashing mechanism. The slashing condition is temporary and soft, but it will only be recovered if the token on the other side of the pair is still traded. In other words, you are likely to lose all your money if you supply Stable liquidity to a scam token or pair.
Usage of Zircon software is entirely at your own risk. Read our terms and conditions for more information.