Zircon Docs

The Flash Loan protection mechanism

If you’re a whale entering in size you should be aware of the anti flash-loan protection mechanism.
A Pylon pool will go into lockdown when it detects too large of a liquidity change in the span of one or a few blocks (approximately 8% of the pool’s value in 5 blocks or less). This mechanism is triggered either by enormous swaps, or enormous one-sided additions/removals of liquidity (via the Async methods).
The lockdown lasts for a few blocks and allows one “strike” before triggering, so the first large mint/burn can come in undisturbed (except for Swap & Exit burns, which get locked immediately). If you trigger the lockdown, the transaction will usually just revert, unless you disabled slippage protection.
So make sure to use the Slippage protection in the frontend/router. Note that even if the UI informs you of this condition, things may change between submitting the transaction and having it included.

Weird pool combinations

The Pylon system is flexible and permissionless. This means you can use it with any pool or asset you want. If you want to set a stablecoin as Float, you can. And it will lead to strange results where the vault becomes a Put option on the other asset.
This stuff is unlikely to work or be sustainable, but if you’re up for trying, you can.