Zircon Docs

Supplying liquidity on Zircon

To supply liquidity and farm on Zircon, start by going to the Farm tab.
You will see a list of all the liquidity pools on Zircon. Each pool is a trading pair, let’s say MOVR/USDC. You can join this pool either by supplying MOVR to the Float vault, or USDC to the Stable vault.
You can filter the list of pools to select only Float or Stable vaults, depending on what you want to supply.
The Float and Stable vaults are representations of one side of the pair. But different pools will have different combinations of which asset is Float, and which is Stable.
For example, If you have stablecoins like USDC or USDT, you should look only at Stable vaults.
If you have something like ETH or MOVR, there are choices both as Float and as Stable (for example, MOVR may be the Stable side for a more volatile token like RMRK).
If you have tokens with a smaller market cap, usually you’ll only supply them as Float.